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  • The electromagnetic heating controller adopts the original imported 300AIGBT module and semi -bridge control technology. The product quality is more stable, the anti -interference capacity is stronger, suitable for long -term continuous work of commercial industries.


  • Electromagnetic heating is used, and the electromagnetic heating ring is mounted outside the heating object, and is heated by the electromagnetic sensing body.


  • Electromagnetic heaters use electromagnetic induction heating principles to convert electrical energy into thermal energy. First, 50 Hz alternating current is converted into direct current, and then the PFM control circuit converts the direct current conversion to a high-frequency high voltage of 17-30 kHz, and the high-speed changed current is generated through the coil.


  • Electromagnetic heater elevation effect is remarkable.The original plastic mechanical heating method is resistive heating, and the waste is only 30%, and now uses high-efficiency electric heating energy-saving products to utilize electromagnetic induction heating, and the electric energy utilization is higher than 96%, and the electric power is more than 60%.


  • Electromagnetic heater IGBT temperature sensor: adaptate high precision thermistor (70 degrees). Adopting the heat of the IGBT by imported thermally conductive silica fat to ensure the security of the IGBT module.


  • Industrial electromagnetic heaters have long service life, which saves corporate update equipment: An important advantage that uses industrial electromagnetic heaters is long service.