Household Water Heater

Household water heaters are easy to install, simple, multi-channel water supply, unique nanomagnetization treatment technology to generate magnetized water, long-term use of not measuring. Using microcomputer control, digital display, eight-speed position power adjustment, constant water temperature, can be used continuously, not limited to time and water limit.
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  • The Magnetic water heater is a heater that utilizes electromagnetic induction principles, converts electrical energy into magnetically heat energy, turning 50/60 Hz alternating voltage into a DC voltage in the controller, and then converts DC voltage conversion to frequency. 20-25 kHz high-frequency voltage, high-speed changed currents generate high-speed magnetic fields through the coil. When the magnetic line inside the magnetic field generates countless small vortex through the water tank, the water tank is intimate, and then the water is high-speed, then Then the water output of the water tank is to achieve the purpose of cooking and bathing.

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